Boys On Top: Cowboys Reclaim Division Lead Over Philly

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VALLEY RANCH, TX  -- A Cowboys fan's night on Sunday was the biggest emotional roller coaster of the season.

The action actually started in the parking lot when Eagles fans welcomed the Boys to the "City of Brotherly Love" by egging their bus.

But with the 38-27 final, it was Philly that laid an egg.

The Cowboys blew a 21-0 lead, and the ghosts of those “Same Old Cowboys” seemed to be emerging again.

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But these boys are different, even if the coach has nothing different to say after yet another big win

“You’ve heard me say this a lot, home, away, moon and parking lot, it really shouldn’t matter” said head coach Jason Garrett, “I think our team has adopted that, now we just have to do a better job playing at home this week.”

So, what's it all mean? Well, with two games left, the Cowboys control their own destiny. Just win out, they win the division and get a home playoff game.

Lose a game and Dallas will need some help.

So, it's too early to throw a parade, or even buy playoff tickets, but hey, you'd have to be dead not to enjoy this one.

So bask in a little glory today, wear that Romo shirt with pride, and get ready to “#FinishTheFight” to the post-season.