Behind Bars: Christina Morris’ Family Speaks Out About Arrest

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ALLEN, Texas— Now that the last person seen with Christina Morris is behind bars, her family says they always suspected Enrique Arochi had something to do with her disappearance.

“We knew from the beginning that something wasn’t adding up,” stepsister Sarah Estes said.

It looks like Plano PD came to the same conclusion.  Take a look at the search warrant.

Arochi insisted he did not enter the parking garage with Morris and even denied parking there

enrique mug

Enrique Arochi

But the surveillance video shows he did.

Back in November, Arochi talked to NewsFix.

“She wasn’t really a friend, so I didn’t find the need to walk her to her car," Arochi said. "But I regret that with everything in me.”

Arochi also told Plano PD he rode solo and that Morris had never been in his vehicle.

But cops say lab tests found DNA evidence that she had been inside Arochi’s Camaro.

Police records also reference to surveillance footage shows Arochi at a Kroger gas station cleaning the trunk area and passenger door of his car, just hours after Morris was last seen.

Plano Police did not support Arochi’s story on the cuts and bruises on his hand and forearm, and how the front end of his car got damaged.

His co-workers at Sprint said he came into work the next day at “11 o’clock, hung over, and looked like a big mess.”

Some are still wondering about the phone calls made to Christina’s boyfriend from Arochi’s phone right before 4 am that morning.

In the interview with Arochi, he told NewsFix, “I was just walking towards my car and nothing really was said.”

“It’s been really frustrating just knowing that he has lied to the detectives, and delayed us from being able to find Christina.”

christina morris

Christina Morris remains missing. Anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to call Plano PD at 972-941-2148

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