Pluck The Eagles: Cowboys Ready For Philly Rematch

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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- It’s the biggest rematch in Philly since Rocky 2! Yeah, just 17-days after the Eagles ruined Thanksgiving for the Cowboys, the two rivals will be at it again. Once again, first place in the NFC East will be on the line.

So, will the Boys be more prepared for Gang Green this time?

“It’s fresh on your mind because you just prepared for them," tight end Jason Witten said. “I think that’s really good, but I think more than anything with where we’re at with the season, and what’s at stake there’s a lot of excitement with that too.”

As for that Thanksgiving game?

“They just all around beat us last time, beat up on us really good.”

Well, one things for sure, there won’t be any love lost in the City of Brotherly Love Sunday night. Dallas and Philly have one of the most heated rivalries in the NFL, with such memorable moments as Eagles coach Buddy Ryan putting a bounty on Troy Aikman in 1989? Or those classy Eagles fans cheering Michael Irvin’s neck injury in ’99?

While the Eagles have scored most of the bragging rights over the last decade, the Cowboys still lead the Lombardi trophy race, 5-0.

By late Sunday, we’ll know who has captured the latest round in this old grudge match, and who’s probably going to win the division this year.

Speaking of Rocky, at least our local sports legends aren’t fictional.