Cops: Denton Murder Suspect Fled Country with Son

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amber alertDENTON, Texas — Cops are on the trail of Ricardo Martinez and his 4-year-old son Ricardo Alekzander Lara.

With the assistance of Texas Rangers, FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Denton PD learned its trail has stretched beyond the Texas border.

“Our investigation reveals that Ricardo Martinez and Alec had already left the country at the time the victim’s body was found,” Officer Shane Kizer said.

The pursuit began Saturday when Denton police responded to a deceased person call at Sanchez Insurance and Tax where they discovered the body of Maria Isabel Romero Medina.

“We do, in fact, have obtained a warrant for Ricardo Martinez for the murder of Romero Medina,” Officer Kizer said.

For now, they’re not releasing any additional information.

“The circumstances surrounding this investigation requires us to be very careful with the information we release to ensure we do not put the child in more danger,” Kizer said.

If you know anything, cops want you to give them a call.