Iconic Rapper MC Lyte Talks New Album with NewsFix

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DALLAS —You’ve probably heard hits like RuffNeck and Cold Rock A Party.  Now, Rapper MC Lyte is hanging out in Big D.  NewsFix caught up with the acclaimed artist at the BOOM 94.5 studios.

“I’m excited to be here,” MC Lyte said.  “Dallas, to me, it’s still fresh, new, so there’s lots of opportunity for people to sort of create what they want to see here in the city.”

And you can call her the First Lady. She was the very first solo female rapper to drop an album -- paving the way for all lady hip-hop artists.

“I went and auditioned for another record label, and after I left there I kind of forgot all about it.  Okay good, they said that’s going to happen.  We’ll see.  And then it manifested into something real.”

Very Real! And after nearly a decade, she’s working on something new.

"The new record is done.  It’s in the can and we’re super excited about it. "

And in a time of countless protests and violence, some may say songs like Dear John by MC Lyte, Common and 10Beats is right on time.

The video recognizes historical black men and the struggles they face today.

This is music with a mission, too!

"[It’s] our new initiative with Hip Hop Sisters Foundation #EducateOurMen, where we give supplemental scholarships to young men of color attending HBCU’s."