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Chew On This: Pecan Lodge’s Mouthwatering BBQ

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DALLAS -- When it comes to BBQ, the Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum is smoking hot.

But it wasn’t an easy journey for Justin Fourton and his wife. After years in the consulting biz, they wanted to get off the corporate treadmill.

“It was after our son Henry was born that we didn’t want to be on the road traveling all the time,” said Fourton.

So they decided to open a little BBQ stand.

“Yeah, we started at the Farmers Market. We’ve been open, I think now, almost 5 years in March."

That little stand turned out to be so popular folks stood in line for hours, but nobody was complaining -- except for maybe The City which passed a new ordinance requiring they enclose the barbecue pits.

“Almost put us out of business, snuck by with just the skin of our teeth on that one,” said Fourton

Once the smoke cleared, the Fourton’s moved to a bigger spot on Main Street in Deep Ellum, and it didn’t take long before Texas Monthly declared this was the #2 BBQ joint in Texas.

CHEW ON THIS:  The bbq pits operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They even named the smokers -- Lurlene, Virgil & Big Rick. Each one has the capacity to smoke about 40 briskets at a time.

“We make our own rub and everything gets hand trimmed. It cooks on the pits anywhere between 15- 18 hours.”

BBQ lovers can feast on moist brisket, ribs, pulled port and handmade sausage.

And if the food isn't enough to get your mouth watering, they’ve got live music on the weekend.

Hey, you gotta admit, this place gives you plenty to chew on.

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