Simon Says: One Bad Apple Does Spoil the Whole Bunch

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Seems like we are all being force-fed bad apples. Let’s face it: It is not the season to be a cop. From Garner to Brown, so many of you are hitting the streets because you feel some bad cops are among us.

Do one or two bad apples spoil the whole bunch?

Have you noticed we sometimes wear a ‘bad apple’ filter? It’s a perspective that lets the actions of a few change the way we look at a group.

Yes, the bad apple filter makes you angry.

Someone you know has worn it when looking at these people; Teachers who have sex with their students. Priests who molest children. Players who hit people they are supposed to love.

We wear the filter for politicians who get arrested.

And don’t get me started on what some rappers say.

Admit it: We’ve let the actions of a few (priests, players, politicians, cops, rappers) cloud the way we feel. It’s a good lesson in how stereotypes are born.

Here’s how they die.

The fact is, from cops to priests and everyone in between, there is a lot more good than bad out there. Hard working, dedicated people who will never be one of these bad apples.

But I know you’re asking — does one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?

Well, it does.

This story says one rotten apple can make others a moldy mess.

Well, there’s over a million cops right now in the United States who, unfortunately, have a major mess on their hands.

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