Two Killed in Fire at Dallas Senior Living Apartments

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DALLAS -- Just after two Wednesday morning, people in the Gatewood Senior Citizen Complex knew something was wrong.

"Automatically, I started knocking on doors, especially people that I knew," resident Lester Simpson said. "I went back to my apartment and got my coat and car keys."

Fire broke out in the four-story building that's home to hundreds of senior citizens, many who have trouble getting around without help.

"Very scary," resident Sammy Smith said. "At that time of the morning I was waken up out of a deep sleep."

Most of the residents got out. Two did not and died in the building.

Beth Short was glad to get out alive, but she was worried about something else -- her 18-year-old parrot, Hook.

hookShe was trying to get Hook out of the building, but she fell.

"Slipped on a piece of metal, fell on my hands and knees. The bird flew away," Short said.

Three people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation, and a firefighter was taken to the hospital with an injury.

Firefighters say they don't know exactly how it all starting, but they do know it started in a room on the fourth floor.

One bright moment in a tragic situation -- Hook turned up across the street on a nearby patio.

With a little help from a neighbor, Hook and Beth are back together again!

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