Ever Wonder How a McNugget is Made? Wonder No More

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What are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made of?  That’s the title of the newest cinematic release from McDonald’s.  How much chicken is actually in a Chicken McNugget? And what else is in there?  What about the pink slime? Friends, the wait is over.


McDonald’s explains the wonder of the McNugget in a promotional video that’s part of their series Our Food. Your Questions. Host Grant Imahara visits a Tyson Foods in Tennessee to find out what’s really in those little golden nuggets.

“People think that you just come to this giant factory, you have a bit of chicken, so you put it into a grinder, you grind ’em up and plllttt, you pour that into a mold and that’s what you use to make a Chicken McNugget,” host Grant Imahara theorizes.

Tyson Foods Meat Scientist Amy Steward assures him, “That’s not true.” That’s really her title, too; in fact, she’s the Principal Meat Scientist, so if anyone knows, she does.

Pink SlimeImahara even shows the scientist a picture that comes up on the Internet when you search ‘chicken mcnugget’ — yep, it’s the famed pink slime picture.

“I don’t know where that picture came from, but it’s not used in Chicken McNuggets,” she says.

Imahara explains what pink slime is (but we bet Amy the meat scientist has heard the term before this day…) and asks point blank if there is ANY pink slime in Chicken McNuggets.

Nope, according to Meat Scientist Steward.  No word on other McDonald’s products, though; in this video, it’s all about what is in Chicken McNuggets.

What about… beaks?

“No,” Steward says.


Again, “No,” Steward says with a shaking head.

It’s all chicken; breast, rib meat, and tenderloin.  And… one more thing.



If you guessed skin, you’re right.

“Before we make the McNuggets, we remove the skin and we then later add a small portion back for flavor,” she explains.

You can’t argue with Imahara. “Everbody likes a little bit of chicken skin,” he says.

McD NuggetsLater in the process, you find out what ingredients are used in the marinade, how they’re battered, fried, and flash frozen.




Then, of course, the test.

Taste Test


Spoiler: When Imahara goes to an ‘actual’ McDonald’s to try the Chicken McNuggets, he loses the hair net.

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