Whimsical Windows: Neiman Marcus Windows Display Fantasy Gifts

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DALLAS, TX -- For a lot of folks, Christmas means one thing -- gifts. Yeah, forget the peace on earth and good will stuff; for some, it's time for stuff, and the folks at Neiman Marcus want you to check out this year's over-the-top fantasy treats.

We’re talking Maseratis, VIP trips, and the must have his & her gift of the season. “A quad ski, which is an all terrain vehicle that with a flip of the switch in five seconds turns into an aquatic vehicle. They are $50,000 a piece," Ginger Reeder with Neiman Marcus said.

Okay, the items aren't exactly stocking stuffers, but you can check out all the toys in the Christmas catalog by checking out the holiday window displays at the Neiman Marcus store in downtown Dallas.

“People love these windows and love seeing the fantasy gifts, I have to say the slot mod racetrack has been one that always attracts attention," Reeder explained.

John Wilson says the displays takes him back to his childhood. “I took a couple of pictures and a video of it. It reminds me of when I was a little kid.”

Other folks walking by the windows agreed. “Brings back memories of my childhood, a young little child growing up with my hot wheels racetrack,” Samuel Colas added.

Yeah, the Neiman's track is a far cry from the Hot Wheels of Christmas past. But, if your kid asks Santa for the racetrack in Neiman's window, it comes with a $300,000 price tag.

"They are pricy gifts absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you can`t dream about them right? There's no price tag on a dream," Reeder said.

Yeah, maybe we can put in a word with the guy in charge.