Back In The Saddle: Cowboys Practice Sunday As December Looms

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VALLEY RANCH - While it was Sunday for the rest of the NFL, the Cowboys were on the practice field getting ready for Thursday's tilt against Chicago.

“Well it’s Wednesday,” Head Coach Jason Garrett said. “You guys laugh when we say this, but we really do live in that world.”

Well, no matter what day it is, there's one fact that the calendar can't hide: December begins Monday. For the Cowboys, the month has become synonymous with late-season collapses.

The team is 5 and 9 over the last three years, post November. That's why they've missed the playoffs in each of those seasons. This year, December kicks-off as it did one year ago: in Chicago. Back then, Dallas was drubbed by the Bears 45-28, and so began another collapse.

“It was a long time ago. Two different teams,” Coach Garrett explained. “You can get some stuff from it, but we’re a different team, they’re a different team and that was a long time ago.”

Tony Romo echoed Garrett’s sentiment. “Each season it’s a new football team, and you’re going to write your own story each year with that football team.”

Romo has become the face of the team’s December woes. He’s just 14-19 as a starter in the final month of the year.

“I’ve said it a long time, if your team is good enough, if you’re going to get stops, if you’re going to be able to move the ball and you’re going to be able to score, you’re going to be a good team in December," Romo said.

“And if it’s hard to get stops and it’s hard to score, it’s probably going to be a tough year.”

So, will it be deja vu for the 'Boys? Or, will fans finally get their Christmas wish: a playoff game? In four weeks we'll know… whether we like it or not.