Wage War: Local Walmart Workers Protest, Demand Higher Pay

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GRAND PRAIRIE, TX --  On one of the busiest shopping days of the year, at one of the biggest retailers in the nation, frustrated employees chose to walk the line, as opposed to work the line.

Dozens of Walmart workers protested outside their store in Grand Prairie. The group chanted, "Stand up, live better," as they demanded higher wages from the retail giant.

The protest was part of the larger, nationwide movement. The National Union Organizers chose to demonstrate on Black Friday. Employees across the board are seeking better pay and more favorable working conditions.

"We're tired of the retaliation, the bullying; we want it to stop. I mean, all we're asking for is a living wage and to you know just to be treated right," employee and protestor Shomari Lewis said.

"This is America and Walmart shouldn't get away with treating us unfairly. We're worth more than that," Lewis added.

On Brown Thursday, Thanksgiving, Walmart reported serving over 22-million customers. Protestors say that's just an example of the amount of money the company generates, and they believe it's only fair it shares the wealth.