Lone Shooter: Austin Cops Kill Gunman Who Opened Fire on Police Station

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(CNN) -- A gunman opened fire in Austin, Texas Friday morning, hitting several buildings with bullets.

The police headquarters, the Mexican Consulate and a federal building were among those hit by the gunfire. An officer shot at the suspect to stop him.

The gunman was identified as 49-year-old Larry Steve McQuilliams. Police say he died from a gunshot wound, but it's not clear if it was self-inflicted or fired by the officer.  After the suspect was down, police say they noticed he was wearing a suspicious vest.

Officers also discovered a possible improvised explosive device in a vehicle near the fallen gunman. Police called in the bomb squad to investigate and temporarily shut down several streets, including a stretch of I-35. The interstate reopened about two hours later.

"He was not on our radar. We are, obviously, working very closely with the FBI, the Austin Regional Intelligence Center and all our colleagues around the state and country to make sure there's no history here that we're not aware of. He's a lone wolf. Scary thing that a guy out of nowhere did what he did to our city," APD Chief Art Acevedo explained.