In Your Mind: Mentality of a Black Friday Shopper

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DALLAS, TX --  The crowds, the lines, the packed parking lots -- it can only mean one thing: Black Friday.

“Clothes, shoes, bags and lingerie," shopper Nadia Podkopova said of her shopping list.

Hey, Black Friday shopping should be considered a sport with all the darting, ducking and deal hunting that’s involved. At Galleria Dallas, the bargain bound manuver through a sea of shoppers like pros.

Makes you wonder -- what kind of savvy sales strategy these folks have in their back pocket books?

“We all stay together; we have a list," Natalie Capppello said.

"We just kind of look around and see what we like and have fun," Betsy Smith added. "We aren’t necessarily trying to buy a ton of stuff, but just see what’s out there and see what we like.”

Yeah, guess whatever it takes to seal, or steal,  the sale. "We go to certain places we have interest in and we just go for the best deal,”  Podkopova said.

Well, it’s good to have a plan. After all, missing a sale on Black Friday could be a deal breaker.