Family First: Adopted Children Enjoy First Thanksgiving with New Family

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DALLAS, TX—Having the whole family around makes Thanksgiving pretty special, right? But, for one Dallas family, the Thanksgiving holiday is extra special.

“Having these two kids,” new dad, Bill said.  “First Thanksgiving as a family makes it more special.”

We first met Wanda and Bill last Saturday, and the newest additions to their family, one-year-old Declan and two-year-old Caitlin. This family became official at a ceremony on Dallas Adoption Day.

“It was surreal for me,” new mom Wanda said.  “Having it be official and legal was, it was pretty emotional.”

With a new children, comes a lot of new firsts. “I had to take the handle off [the oven] because he would use it as a stepstool,” Wanda explained.

“Mama!” exclaimed Caitlin.

“She dropped her toys, and she yells so clearly, ‘daddy!’ and went running to the gate.  Your heart just stops and I don’t think we’ll ever forget that moment,” Wanda said.

“They’re awesome. I love playing with them!” cousins Sydney Alexis, and Alyssa said.

Wanda showed pictures from her refrigerator and bulletin board.  “Caitlin made hers last week.  She put for my daddy on hers.  I’ve seen all my nieces and nephews, now to have stuff that my kids have made too, it’s fun,” she smiled.

Guess it goes to show, sometimes, it’s the little things that mean so much.

The family smiled and laughed as they played ring-around-the-rosy together.

Wanda recalled a conversation with her nieces’ mother, “I’m not ever going to be a mom Diane, so let me be a mom to your kids for a weekend, and now a year later, they’re at our house again, and now we’ve got our own kids, little kids saying momma and daddy, so I guess it’s true what they say -- never say never.”

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