Brown Thursday: Camped Out for Best Deal at Best Buy

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PLANO, TX — The Best Buy in Plano already already has campers lined up for Brown Thursday, otherwise known as Thanksgiving.  George Gomez arrived Monday to ensure he got the first spot.

“I was first in line last year through relatives,” Gomez said.  “I really like it so I kinda decided to do it this year again.”

By Wednesday, eight tents went up. One is occupied by a group of friends, already spending money.

“Well we`ve been playing monopoly the whole time,” Carlos Rodriguez said.

“The game was supposed to last an hour,” Sergio Diaz said.  “We`ve been playing it for a good three hours.”

“On the side (of Best Buy),” Gomez said.  “There is a little field. It`s not a big field. You can play soccer.  “My friend punted the football up in the roof. So we lost that.”

Their parents are cool with them being there and not at home eating a Thanksgiving meal.

“We`re just trying to get PS4s,” Rodriguez said.

“The one I am getting is the bundle with $399,” Diaz said.  “With the last of us and Grand Theft Auto 5. Both really good games and really good deal.”

“Well I am hoping to get a TV and probably some extra stuff on the side,” Gomez added.

Now that doors open on turkey day,  why don’t we just have Black Wednesday?  That way, family can get together and relax.

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