Don’t Be a Turkey: Stay Safe While Cooking the Bird

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FORT WORTH-Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving! But before you baste the bird, there's some ways to make sure to keep you and your family safe.

There's no doubt we'll eat almost anything that's fried, just ask Big Tex!

But if it's the turkey you're looking to fry, you’ll want to check out these tips: first, prep your station outside and away from anything flammable. Don't forget to turn off the gas when you drop the turkey into the oil and make sure it's thawed all the way, if not, you can expect a turkey-inferno.

More cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving than any other day in the U.S., and no one wants to be the turkey who messed up Thanksgiving.

Keeping those we love safe is important, especially those with four legs.

The SPCA of Texas doesn't want you to give your pet the bird.

"During Thanksgiving the best way to keep your pets safe is to make sure they are not eating foods that are going to be harmful to them. That they're not around decorations that are gonna be harmful to them and that if your have a lot of family coming over make sure your dog or cat has that collar and tags and is micro chipped,” said Maura Davies, Director of Communication for the SPCA of Texas.

Hey, give Fido a feast he can enjoy, pet food!

So stay safe in the kitchen and fry with care, you don't want the fire clowns to have to make a house call.

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