Dog + Teddy Bear + Gym = You’re Welcome

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If you workout the entire year, you don’t need New Year’s resolutions, right?! Right! At least that’s what we believe Munchkin the Teddy Bear believes.

Well, Munchkin is actually a dog dressed as a teddy bear that’s hitting the treadmill and now is a YouTube sensation!

She hasn’t eaten a carb in a month in preparation for Thanksgiving and is trying to get in as many pre-feast workouts as possible so she doesn’t undo all of her hard work. That’s commitment and dedication.

Plus, she looks great doing it. When was the last time you wore a teddy bear costume to the gym? OK, let’s back that up…when was the last time you went to the gym… at all. Thought so.

This video is a total metaphor for life. When you feel like you just can’t keep your two teddy bear feet running on the treadmill that is “life,” stick your chin up, lick your nose and get moving — because it’s a long way to the bottom of that gym mat, girl.


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