Worth the Wait: Soldier Surprises His Son

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DALLAS, TX --  "We got a few minutes," Frank Johnson, U.S. Army Master Sergeant and contractor, said as he patiently waited.

How long have you waited for something you really wanted.  Weeks?  Months?

Johnson has been waiting for this moment for a long, long time.  He spent the last two years in Afghanistan, working for the U.S. Army as a contractor.

On Friday, he finally got to give his son a big ol' hug.  In front of students in a full cafeteria, Johnson embraced his son, Frank Johnson (yes, they have the same name). Others couldn't help but cheer them on.

"I've been in the military the last 22 years, and then went over there as a contractor working," Johnson explained. "I have been in and out of their lives their whole life.  Now, I actually get to be in their life."

What makes this moment especially special?

Johnson doesn't have to say goodbye again to his daughter and two sons like so many times before.

This Master Sergeant just retired from the Army and is here to stay.

"Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. I am here for the rest of the time now," Johnson said.  "I want to be a part of their life. I want to have an impact on them and to show them what I had done to get where I am at. They can do the same thing."

"If you are lucky enough to see your kids everyday," Johnson says, "don't take it for granted."

"Enjoy it," Johnson explained.  "Take that time. Life is too short. My daughter graduated from different grades. I wasn't there for it. Those are once in a life-time things and I never get that chance ever again."

Hey, what are you waiting for?  Go hug your kid.

Thanks for your service, Master Sgt. Frank Johnson!

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