Photo Finish: Dallas Morning News Donates JFK Photos To Museum

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President John F. Kennedy had been shot and killed.
For a lot of people, that day changed the course of history. The book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald fired those fatal shots is now a museum with hundreds of pictures and artifacts on the life and legacy of a fallen President.

Friday, the Dallas Morning News donated 1,500 as well as 500 pictures to the museum.
“We think its very important these photographs have an opportunity to be exhibited to the public.” said Jim Mahoney publisher/CEO Dallas Morning News

“We gave a great sense of history and a great sense of preserving history for future generations.” Dallas Morning News editor Bob Mong said.

This all came about last November during the 50th anniversary of that dark day. The paper was working with the museum on special projects to commemorate the day JFK lost his life.

“I think that kind of began a dialog that has culminated with today donating these archives, and again we`re proud to do it.” said Mahoney

The photos turned over this week join hundreds of photographs donated over the years. Shots that captured a day when a shooting shattered Camelot.

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