Getting Help: Lake Highlands Residents Won’t be Evicted Right Away

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DALLAS, Texas—Looks like folks at Town Creek in Lake Highlands won’t be missing a home for the holidays.

“You’re so stirred up, you don’t know if you need to cook or pack,” resident Karen Zeno King said.

Tenants got red eviction notices Monday, telling them they’ve been bought out and they need to be out by Friday.

“Dallas, can y’all hear us? Help us! If you want everybody to move out of here, help these people to move,” evicted resident Jacqueline Edwards exclaimed.

The new owner, Nessel Development, says the previous owners didn’t keep good records. They didn’t even know there were tenants living there up to date on rent.  But, these folks have the receipts to prove it.

Residents showed NewsFix copies of leases, receipts, and notices.

Just a few days ago, Karen King was trying to figure out what to do. In a NewsFix interview on November 19th, she told our cameras, “We have to relocate, that’s not normal.”

But now, according to a statement, Nessel is planning on helping with application fees, security deposits and moving costs.  That’s some good news before Thanksgiving!

“It’s a blessing because these people were talking about putting us out today,” King said.  “Today’s the final day.”

Town Creek is going to be replaced with a 332 unit, upscale complex. The crime and second-rate service is something these tenants won’t miss.

“It’s drug infested, we don’t have a pool, the pool has been dried up for about a year now,” Edwards mentioned.

“I was out of water five days,”’ King added.  “I’ve been here six years, and I’ve never dreamed it’d be like this.”

“Open up your hearts and let people in,” Edwards said.

Let's hope everybody finds a new home soon!

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