Dis-Joynered: Tom Joyner Morning Show Gets the Boot, Station Reformatted

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DALLAS – The Tom Joyner Show is one of the most popular radio shows in DFW – or should we say it was.

Yep, the nationally syndicated Jock, who used to commute from Dallas to Chicago every day to host two shows, has gone bye-bye – at least for folks here in the metroplex. And it’s all because 94.5 is switching it’s format from K-SOUL – which played old school R&B – to something called Boom – which will feature classic hip hop.

And BOOM is right!

The change, which literally happened overnight, was a shocking wake-up call for listeners. The big question most folks are asking – why the big switch?

"We researched the marketplace and realized there was a hole for this type of music in Dallas,” Gary Spurgeon said. Spurgeon is the General Manager and Vice President of Radio One. "Generation X - those are the folks that are the originator of the hip hop music."

So what can you expect with the new format? A little Biggie, maybe some Sir Mix A Lot.

"It's actually bringing a lot of folks together. They're bringing families in - these are the songs that I grew up with,” Spurgeon said.

Okay, but what about folks who can’t do without their Tom Joyner fix?
"He can still be heard on blackamericaweb.com, you can get his apps … it's just not going to be physically on 94.5,” Spurgeon said.

Well there you have it. If you’re in the mood for some old-school hip hop, get those speakers ‘booming’ ya’ll.

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