Big Fat Liars: Americans Fatter Than Previously Thought

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-Reports are in: America is under an epidemic and no, we're not talking Ebola!

We're facing a much bigger problem, obesity.

And apparently Americans are big fat liars when it comes to their pant size.

The CDC conducted a nation-wide study to get the skinny on obesity rates, but they didn't count on Americans fibbing on their measurements.

But when the docs put them on the scale, the numbers ballooned. Making America even fatter than previously thought!

Hey, did we expect anything less? After all, elastic has become our best friend.

Global obesity costs also weigh heavily, tallying to $2 trillion in healthcare costs and missed work days because of the battle of the bulge.

Those are some hefty numbers when it comes to the cost of our health.

As long as super-size is in our vocabulary, the only thing that spells for us is F-A-T!

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