Package Protection: “Guns Loaded” Sign a Warning to Thieves

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If you're a ‘Grinch” looking to snatch a holiday package off their porch in Fort Worth, Kell and Julie Curtis have a message for you: “The cameras are on and the guns are loaded.”

“There had been a string of people getting their packages stolen off their porch. I just got fed up, so I put up this sign,” Kell Curtis says. “Julie thought I was crazy.”

“I thought it was a little over the top,” says Julie. “But if it stops someone from coming up on our porch and stealing our package, hey, why not?”

'Why not?' is right. With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s prime time for thieves.

So when the Curtis’ home was burglarized shortly after they moved in, they decided to add a security system. Along with a few not so subtle signs warning thieves to beware.

“Working in the PR business, I thought it was some self PR to let people know that they are not welcome if they aren't friends, family or neighbors,” says Kell.

This isn’t an “Open Carry” situation though folks, and the Curtis’ insist they aren’t real life “Yosemite Sams.”

“We're not big gun people by any means,” says Julie.

It’s an intimidating message, delivered in a light-hearted way. Well, it’s as “friendly” as any sign threatening to shoot thieves can be.

“It’s tongue in cheek; there is a little bit of humor there to get attention but it`s also serious,” says Kell. “so be forewarned.”

Hey, message delivered!

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