Lumbersexual: Chicks Dig Scruffy Studs

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DALLAS- Hey guys, having some trouble in the lady department? Well, listen up! If landscaping ain't your thing, and metro isn't in your vocabulary, not to worry.

If your style is bordering on Paul Bunyan rather than Paul Rudd, then, a hot new trend might be a good look for you.

Introducing: Lumbersexual! Yeah, apparently lumberjacks are sexy! Who knew?!

How do you know if you fit the mold? Simple. Is your favorite color plaid? Is it Movember all year long in your book? If you answered yes, then, you're a lumbersexual.

Listen, some chicks really have the hots for scruffy studs.

We have to agree, there's something about a man who can chop down a pine tree and make a coffee table out of it.

Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been rockin’ the rugged look for years.

But let's face it, the lumbersexual style didn't sprout overnight.

Guess some guys are hoping the trend doesn't get the axe anytime soon.

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