Giving Thanks: Mavs Tyson Chandler Donates Turkey Dinners to Deserving Families

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DALLAS, TX -- Mavericks fans know him as the superstar center who sports skills in the number ‘six,’ while on the court.

But, there’s more to Tyson Chandler’s playbook than basketball. On Thursday night, Chandler suited-up for a different kind of game.

"It’s an opportunity to be a blessing to others and help out the Dallas community as much as they help and receive us,” Chandler said.

In this particular game, Chandler scored big points from every person he assisted.

“We’re just thankful to him and his family for coming through and helping us all out," Timisha Melton said. "It’s people like that make the world different and greater place to be.”

Chandler passed out free turkey dinners for families in need at the Vogel Alcove in Dallas. The center helps some of the yongest victims of poverty.

“Oh my God, I’m so excited," Dorothy Range said of her special surprise from Chandler. "And we got Mavs tickets – yoo hoo! We’re going to go see the Mavericks! Yay!”

"It’s just a blessing knowing somebody can reach out and help you, and help the needy that need somebody. I really appreciate it,” Range added.

Poverty hits close to home for Chandler; he grew up in a single-parent household and says his mother is the source of his success.

"I understand the people, especially this time of year it can get difficult," Chandler explained. "I remember my mother having tough times during the holidays because she always wanted things to be great for us.”

So, in the spirit of the season of giving, the Dallas Maverick proved he’s a winner -- both on and off the court.

"I want [my kids] to see, and I want them to understand how to give back, and understand what life is truly about.”

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