Racist or Nah? Assistant Principal Retweets Derogatory Post

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NORFOLK, VA – So by now, you’d think folks who work with high school kids would put a filter on what they post on social media, right? Well, one assistant principal who was just hired in Norfolk, Virginia apparently didn't see our story about the Duncanville teacher who was just fired for tweeting a racial rant about Ferguson.

Amy Strickland made quite an impression when her students looked her up on Twitter and found a tweet on her account.

The picture of seven black guys escorting seven white girls isn’t new, but that didn’t stop Strickland from re-tweeting the post: “Every White Girl’s Father’s worse nightmare ..or nah?”


Now, the tweet originated from the Twitter account, “Or Nah,” and it looks like the students had the same reaction – naaaah.

In fact, they were so put-off, they protested this politically incorrect tweet, by walking out of school. Hey Ms. Strickland, looks like you might be serving detention, or worse.

The school district still hasn’t addressed the tweet, or the status of Strickland’s employment, but it’s safe to say this principal isn’t going to be promoted anytime soon.