Using His Pen: Obama To Announce Illegal Immigration Plan

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-You know the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it? Well, what if it is broke? Like our immigration system!

"Hi everybody, tomorrow night, I'm going to be announcing, here from the white house, some steps that I can take to start fixing our broken immigration system,” said President Obama.

That's right, the prez is a man with a plan!

The White House announced that President Obama will address the nation on his long awaited plan to fix issues on the border, like differing deportation for parents of U.S. citizens.

Affecting millions in the U.S.

"Of course I worry about them getting deported because those are some of my families, they're here, why would I want them to go back to where they don't know anything cause some of them have been here their whole life," said Lorenzo Gonzalez.

Obama's prime time address comes after high numbers of undocumented immigrants flooded the Rio Grande border this summer, leaving many children in holding facilities.

But his executive order won't come without resistance from Republicans, calling for Obama to hold his horses on those plans.

“We're not going to be able to get everything exactly the way we want it and he's not going to get everything exactly the way he wants it,” said Mitch McConnell, State Minority Leader.

Obama will put his presidential pen to paper at 7p.m. Central time on Thrusday and try his hand at fixing a problem battling the border.