Sports Illustrated Honors Dallas Teen for Effort to End Domestic Violence

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OAK CLIFF, Texas -- For Josh Derrough-Harvey, football is a way of life. So being in Sports Illustrated is beyond anything he could have imagined.

“After everything that happened, it's been something that takes my mind off everything,” said Derrough- Harvey

The Adamson High School senior has been through a lot. Back in August, three of his friends from Kimball High School died in a car accident.

And if that wasn`t hard enough, a month later his dad had died too.

“He dropped me off at school that day. He was already telling me how proud of me he was,” Derrough- Harvey said.

That morning, Josh’s dad drove to his girlfriend's home and shot her. She survived, but Josh’s dad turned the gun on himself.

Derrough- Harvey says his coaches had to break the news to him right before a football game.

“Even if I have to do it again, I still won't be fully prepared because that's a tough thing to do -- to look a young man in the eyes and tell him he lost his dad,” Adamson Head Coach Josh Ragsdale said. "I asked him what I could do. I said I can take you back to the school. This isn't the time to act tough and he said, no coach I`m going to play.”

And that's exactly what Josh did.

It turns out his team had taken a stand on domestic violence almost a year before implemented by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. When Josh's personal tragedy turned him into a poster boy on this issue, he tackled it head on.

“It's important to me so I can break the cycle of domestic violence,” he said

And that attitude got Sports Illustrated's attention. Tuesday night Josh was named the High School Player of the Month, It's an Josh is too humble to admit he’s earned.

“There are other kids deserving of this award, but right now not anymore deserving than Josh Derrough,” Coach Ragsdale said.