Killer Connection: Man on Death Row Says He Killed 5 Texas Women

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BURLESON, Texas—This is a case that hit a little too close to home.

“He made certain admissions that he had killed some women down there, and that’s going to also be investigated and may result in charges,” Pennsylvania Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso said.

Charles Hicks confessed to killing at least five women in Texas.  He’s the man sentenced to death for dismembering 36-year-old Deanna Null in Pennsylvania back in 2008.

“I don’t think he just started at this level [with] what he did to Deanna Null, I think was indicative of someone who’s done similar things in the past,” Mancuso added.

The details are gruesome. Null’s remains were found in trash bags all along Pennsylvania highways.  According to police, they found her hands hidden in the walls of Hicks house.

Rewind... Hicks lived in Burleson before he moved to Pennsylvania.  Burleson PD released a statement Wednesday, “We have no open homicide cases and have not found any missing persons reports that could be related to Charles Hicks.” Johnson County Sheriff’s Office didn't immediately return NewsFix’s phone calls.

You've got to wonder -- did five women in Texas have the same fate as Deanna Hull? And if so, where are they?

In DFW, there are dozens of cold cases, where the killers have never been found.  Looks like there might be more questions than answers.