Giant Settlement: Six Flags Settle in Rider’s Death

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Looks like the twists and turns over the roller coaster death at Six Flags last year is over.

They've officially reached a settlement with Rosy Esparza's family. She's the 52-year-old woman who fell 75 feet to her death after being thrown from the newly renovated Texas Giant last year.

The amount of dollar signs hasn't been disclosed, but both sides say they're pleased with the settlement.

But coming to this mutual happiness has been quite the roller coaster ride.

When the Esparza's filed a million dollar lawsuit against Six Flags, park officials pointed the finger at the German coaster maker. Gerstlauer put the blame right back on safety issues at the park.

But now, the manufacturer says they're onboard with the settlement too!

Hey, hopefully this was a giant pay-out, so the Esparza's can put this theme park nightmare behind them and get their lives back on track.