Get Out: Lake Highland Residents Facing Eviction

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LAKE HIGHLAND-There’s no place like home for the holidays, but what if you're about to get thrown out?!

Yep, folks at the Town Creek Condominiums in Lake Highlands woke up to this red eviction notice Monday.

Their rent is paid up and many are still under lease agreements, but now, there notice says they've got to be out by Friday. Leaving these folks asking what are we gonna do?

"It’s Thanksgiving, it’s time to be with your family and now we have to relocate that's not normal,” said Karen Zeno, a resident for six years.

"If they put me out right now I'm gonna be homeless, because my family is way from here,” said Gloria Clark.

NewsFix tried to speak to someone in the management office, but we were met by a locked door.

This rundown apartment complex is now under new ownership with Nessel Development and they plan to tear all this down and build an upscale complex with 332 units.

On their website, they say they want to provide residents with the

“most pleasant living experience possible,” yeah, tell that to the folks living here.

Under Texas law, new owners must honor existing lease agreements. So the question is , what will happen to folks like Kent Tippen who have lived at Town Creek for over 20 years.

"How would you handle it if you were told he you've gotta be out of here in three days? You can barely make plans for a moving van," said Tippen.

With only a week until Thanksgiving, the only problems these residents should be having is cooking the bird, not flying the coup.

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