The Boys Give Back: Cowboys Dish Out Thanksgiving Dinner

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DALLAS, TX --  America’s Team helped pass the stuffing a little early at the Salvation Army on Monday. Yeah, the Dallas Cowboys will be a little busy on Turkey Day, “beating the Eagles," according to George Selvie.

The folks here were hyped to see their Boys, although Jason Witten remembers when lousy seasons didn’t have the fans so welcoming.

“It`s always good to see them excited about the Cowboys because I`ve been here a few years when it`s been boos the entire time, so it's good to see the cheers," the tight end said.

Witten started coming to these events when he was a rookie, and now he brings his wife and two sons, Christopher and Cooper.

“As parents you have an opportunity to talk to your kids about giving back, but very few times do you have a time to bring them along with you and let them actually do it," Witten said. “I always said I hope I play long enough that my kids will get to experience some of these things and this is one of those that you want them to experience.”

And why do the Witten boys like getting out here?

“Cause it`s fun and it`s giving," Christopher said. Cooper added, "It makes your heart warm.”

Well, here’s hoping hearts get warmed on and off the field the holiday season!

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