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Northwestern Wildcats Apparently Dig Chick FIl A

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Beating Notre Dame was very exciting! The team is walking through the stadium, congratulating each other for their big win. And then… it gets really exciting. The players apparently had no idea Chick fil A meals would be waiting for them — and it was so loud in the stadium no one heard the first player shout with glee, “And we got Chick fil A!”

Or the next guy, amid all the ‘woos’ and hugs, hollering, “Ah! Chick fil A!”

Or the guy after him, “Man, we get Chick fil A!!”

And his follower, “Chick fil A!!!”

The player after that one, “Chick fil A, too!!”

Cute because none of them can hardly hear each other over the stadium roar, so every time someone says it, it’s breaking news.

“And we get Chick fil A!”

“Oh, sh*t, Chick fil A!”

“Whoa! Chick fil A!”

(When was the last time anyone fed these boys??)

“Ooh.. and we got Chick fil A?!”

“Man, we got Chick fil A!”

“Chick fil A?!”

You can bet the promise of Chick fil A will be rolling from the coaches from now on.





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