Girl Power: FW to Announce Female Interim Police Chief

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FORT WORTH, TX -- Now, from the Adventures of Fort Worth PD…justice will have a new look in Cowtown.

Bad guys beware --- an new interim chief is set to clean up the streets of Fort Worth. She’s Rhonda Robertson, an assistant chief with the skills and the smarts to keep the city safe.

Robertson started on the streets, in patrol, back in 1985. She quickly rose through the ranks. The ‘wonder woman’ worked in Internal Affairs and in Criminal Investigation Division.

The assistant chief is no stranger to the world of crime – she oversees Tactical Command, and is even a graduate of the 210th Session of the FBI National Academy.

With trusty accomplice, Mayor Betsy Price, the duo is set to activate Cowtown twin powers in the form of safety.

Fort Worth city council will make Robertson’s interim post official on Tuesday. She’ll take charge on January 10th, after current Chief Jeff Halstead steps-down.

Looks like this adventure is to be continued…

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