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Cool Enough: Cold Temps Mean Car Trouble for Many in DFW

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DALLAS, TX -- We’ve all been there....“When you walk out and just see your car dead, you`re just so ticked off,”  Constance Quagliano said.

She is no stranger to car problems, and  that was the story for a lot of folks this week. The cold snap took a lot of North Texans by surprise. But, it also took our cars by surprise as well.

“You`ll just get a flood of calls for batteries, tire pressure. If its going to happen, it happens when it gets cold.”

Over at Huffines Service Center in Plano, they say the weather has put the pressure on the shop.

“We’ll have 15-20 cars pull up at the same time," Erin Lloyd, Assistant Service Manager, said.

Folks who work at the shop say the most common problems they see have to do with tires. In fact, when the temps dip by 10-degrees, you can lose up to a pound of tire pressure.

“I have ignored things before, and then I`ll be driving down the road, and all a sudden, my tire just rips," Quagliano explained.

Quagliano knows what its like to tear some tire tread, that's why when she saw her tire pressure light go on, she knew to take care of it sooner than later.

“I don’t want to buy new tires in a year, you know that gets expensive.”

Yeah, depending on the tire it can run up to $200, and that's not including time and labor. But, you could end up saving big -- if you are just proactive about fixing those little things.

“Go by a parts store and buy a tire pressure gauge, its like a dollar," Lloyd said.



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