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Fierce Encounter: Top Model Contender Smizes with NewsFix

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DALLAS, Texas – Who doesn't want to be on top? Well, one Texas raised dancer turned model is getting his chance on the CW’s America’s Next Top Model.

Meet Will Jardell. The Nederland native – and Texas A&M Aggie – came to Big D to fill folks in on all the fierceness that’s been taking place in his new life in LA.

"The way that I got on Top Model is really interesting because I really didn't apply for the show," Jardell said. "I was like, how did you get my name, how did you get me pictures?’ But what I had done is I had filled out a profile on Tyra's website and they found me through a picture I posted."


Will Jardell & the NewsFix ladies strike a pose

So what’s it like to be suddenly starring on a reality show?

"It's weird to see yourself on TV because you're watching it and you don't think it's you,” Jardell said. "But it's kind of interesting to see how you come off to everyone else because that's totally me and my personality."

And one thing everybody watching the show can’t miss is -- Jardell is openly gay.

"Coming home I was nervous for people to watch, but it was a lot of great feedback from everyone in the community."

Yep, it looks like things are picture perfect. So does this "smizing stud" have any advice?

"Don't ever change who you are as a person to fit the mold of what they want you to be."

Oh yeah, and be fierce. *Two snaps*

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