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Lost & Found: Missing Wylie Women Found Dead in Pond

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WYLIE, TX -- She was missing more than a month; but one day after a search and rescue team from Illinois showed up in Wylie, they found Almaz Gebremedhin, inside her van at the bottom of a pond.

Wylie PD admitted they searched the three mile stretch from her home to work, without finding a clue.

“There was nothing that appeared to be amiss,” Sgt. Donna Valdepena said. “It was a private residence."

As weeks passed without clues or answers, Gebremedhin’s family hired a private investigator.

“They needed another set of eyes on the investigation,” Michael Bradley said.

On Sunday, her distraught husband told NewsFix he hoped to finally get answers.

“Any information, even if it is bad will give me some kind of closure,” he said.

Just hours later, the family got the answer they didn’t want to hear. “The divers went in and they did confirm that van did belong to the missing person,” Sgt. Valdepena said.

The search team says they searched all the ponds along the road -- except one.

“All indications pointed that the car was probably underwater,” Dennis Watters of Team Watters Sonar Search and Recovery said. “I noticed when were were passing by – a fence post that wasn’t completely bent over – a little odd”

But once they put the “hummingbird” a remote controlled sons boat, into the water. It took less than two minutes to locate Gebremedhin’s van.

Friends and members of the Ethiopian community were at the family’s home all day, offering support to her husband, two young children, and her mom. They were also at the lake to see the scene for themselves.

“I feel sorry for the loss of the family and the children, it’s just very sad,” neighbor Chris Zoppoth said.

It wasn’t the ending anyone wanted, but one that brings closure and will allow a family to mourn.

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