In Good Taste: Pizza Hut Announces New Flavors; Marketing Experts Weigh in

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PLANO, TX—Remember when chicken tasted like…you know…chicken?  And

In the wake of pumpkin spice Pringles and uh…pizza and spaghetti flavored slushies, Pizza Hut is switching gears on the flavor train, too.

“We today, announced the biggest change to our brand’s history in 56 years,” Jared Drinkwater, VP of National Marketing at Pizza Hut said.  “We’re bringing in dozens of new ingredients, new flavors.”

Flavors like old-fashioned meat brawl, cock-a-doodle bacon and giddy-up bbq chicken will be on the menu. How ‘bout that?!

“Honey Sriracha, ginger boom-boom…[you can] drizzle your pizzas, so you’ve got balsamic, honey Sriracha, barbecue…new ingredients from peruvian cherry peppers to premium salami,” Drinkwater added.

But, while you’re waiting for this dough to come out the oven November 19th, you’ve got to wonder…why are a number of companies jogging consumers’ taste buds.

“There really aren’t that many things that a company, a restaurant, or a food manufacturer really can do to attract attention,” Bill Silverman, President at Dallas Marketing group said.  He helps companies push the limit.

“I think it’s more of a trend now than it has been in recent years.  And I think one of the reasons is that restaurants are really trying to get away from discounting,” Silverman added.  “This is a much more profitable way for a restaurant.”

That’s one kind of green that you won’t find on any new pizza!

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