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We Want You: Midterm Election Candidates Take Last Lap

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UPDATE: State Attorney General Greg Abbott wins the race for Governor, making him the state’s first new governor since 2000.

FORT WORTH, TX – All eyes are on the Texas Governor’s Race. The candidates took their last lap Tuesday, hoping for a victory.

Yep, Democrat Wendy Davis spoke at a Get Out the Vote event in Fort Worth, urging supporters to put their beliefs in the ballot box.

"If Greg Abbott is elected, if Dan Patrick is elected, the children of our state will suffer,” Wendy Davis said.

And Davis knows she needs every last vote she can get.

She’s even retweeting her supporters who are bragging how they braved the rain to get to the polls.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is making the rounds in Austin – without Chuck Norris by his side. Guess he got the job done in Dallas Monday.

The Republican, who wants to replace Rick tweeted out the following: "Texas needs you. America needs you. Please go vote today to keep Texas the best place on Earth.”

Well that may be a bit hard in San Antonio. A concerned Abbott tweeted out a picture of a ballot out of Bexar County, and his name wasn’t on it. Well, turns out Election Officials reportedly say Abbott may have fallen for a Photoshop hoax.

Either way, looks like the mudslinging is over. We’ll find out who had the best arm after the polls close.

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