Southwest Suit: FAA Sues SWA for $12 Million

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DALLAS, TX -- We were all “feeling the love” after watching the first mile high wedding this weekend. But now, Southwest Airlines is hitting some turbulence.

It's been slapped with $12 million lawsuit -- the second largest penalty ever filed against an airline!

Hey, this didn't just fall out of the sky. It's the same charges and same penalty the FAA filed back in July.

But now, the Justice Department has stepped in.

The Feds claim Southwest failed to do maintenance repairs on more than 40 planes, including replacing faulty fuselages.

The FAA says Southwest hired Aviation Technical Services to fix the problem, but they didn't do it properly. They also "didn't comply with FAA regulations," putting the planes at risk of “corrosion.”

Southwest says its planes are safe and folks have nothing to fear. It says those repairs were “completed 3-5 years ago" and “none affect aircraft currently being operated."

Southwest is fighting mad and say they "look forward to the opportunity to vigorously defend Southwest's record in a court of law.”

Yeah, $12 million would sure buy a lot of peanuts.