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Fracking Serious? Denton Votes on Fracking Ban

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DENTON-What's the big fracking deal in Denton? The battle to frack or not to frack has made its way to the ballot box and NewsFix hit the polls to see what folks had to say.

"I voted for the ban, to put it simply fracking is an industrial activity that doesn’t belong in our cities," said Michael Briggs.

"I voted against the fracking ban, I felt like there is a lot of revenue that could come in,” said Anthony Daria.

Concerns over hydraulic drilling along the Barnett Shale have people saying get the frack out of here after gas and oil companies set up shop only feet from their backyards.

This vote won't be the end all be all, they're expected to take this one to court.

But across town the fight over Frenchy's flags isn't much of a fight after all. Looks like Denton City Council will revisit their ordinance to allow Frenchy to fly his flags without restriction.

The citation that was handed down to him has been dismissed. A happy ending for Frenchy means a happy ending for 'merica!

Goes to show you, if you make your voice heard, it really can count!

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