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Defeating Davis: Wendy Davis Tearfully Concedes to Abbott

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FORT WORTH, TX -- It's an emotional end to the Wendy Davis campaign for Texas Governor. Through tears, Davis thanked supporters during her concession speech Tuesday night in Fort Worth.

"Keep fighting alongside me. Our work is not done," Davis told supporters. "The principles for which we fight will always endure."

Despite losing to State Attorney General Greg Abbott, she refused to give up fighting for women's rights.

"Keep hammering with me! And in the end we will win."

Abbott defeated Davis by a landslide -- 59% to 39%.

Davis energized the Democratic party and gained national attention after leading a dramatic filibuster that temporarily blocked a Republican-backed abortion bill. She did it all while wearing a pair of pink sneakers, which also stole headlines.

But the spark fizzled while Davis stumped for votes. Critics have called her uninspiring and flat.

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