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Smarty Pants: Young Minds Focus on Starting Their Own Business

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DENTON --Creativity plus strategy equals Innovation Day at the University of North Texas.

“We bring students from across the North Texas area to UNT to participate in a rally that allows them the opportunity to essentially learn about entrepreneurship,” executive director Karen Ezell said.

The ideas generated by the group of fresh-faced students will help mold and shape the future of business. The young minds are already hard at work solving entrepreneurship challeneges, and they’re just in high school or younger.

"My business was Tasty Pastries in a jar, it was basically ingredients layered in a jar,” entrepreneur Maria Munoz said.

"You can be young and still start a business and be successful; it may be harder, but you can still start a business and be successful,” Tyler Higgins added.

The event is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. About 300-creative kids are paired with a mentor and tasked with crafting viable and practical solutions that can work for different businesses.

"It helps them find their passions, through business, and it allows them to participate in business competitions, so they can nurture those skills and be ready for college and a professional life in the future," Juan Ramos explained.

It’s a challenge the students are more than ready, and able, to accept. "Even at a young age, like 14 or 15, or even middle school, you can still strive – the sky’s the limit! I applied for Shark Tank when I was 13,” Higgins said.

These students are sharp and skilled, and they’re ready to take on the world.

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