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Fight For Eric: Family Of Eric Lozano Protests For Justice

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Lewisville – It’s been a long week for one Lewisville family. 12-year-old Eric Lozano was killed after cops say a 16-year-old girl learning to drive with her dad, put the car in reverse – mashed the gas – and hit Lozano and his 10-year old cousin.

Friday, the Lozano family showed up at the Lewisville Police Department demanding answers -- and an apology. According to Eric’s mom, the family of the teen who killed Lozano ‘did not render aid’ to Eric and ‘fled.’

"If it were your child and they did not stop and lay there with your child until I could arrive, or the police could get there, wouldn't you call that a crime?" Eric’s mother said.

Apparently, the girl does not have a driver’s license. So far, no charges have been filed.

"They need to be held accountable and be charged criminally for that," Eric’s dad said. "And if we have to change the law and fight to the end to change this law then that's what I'm going to do for my son in his honor."

One thing’s for certain, by the looks of the turnout at the protest, Eric Lozano kid who will be missed.

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