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Ebola House: Kids in for Tricks & Treats

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UNIVERISTY PARK-"Big E" really gave us a scare this October, yeah we're talking Ebola! With the viral craze spreading throughout the city some people didn't find James Faulk's Ebola spoof to be in good taste!

Yes he's the guy with the Ebola house and he's had plenty of hype over the past few weeks, some negative, some positive. His landlord threatened to haul the biohazard waste bins away, heck, Faulk even tried to raise money for an Ebola charity but unlike Ebola, it didn't really catch on.

"It’s definitely a surprise, I mean you put up your Halloween decorations and it’s the last thing you think it’s gonna be the best Halloween or the worst Halloween decorations in the country," said John Faulk.

Hey even though it was a cold Halloween night , he was met with a warm reception from candy seekers!

"I think it good to laugh a little bit about this, I don’t think we need to stop our lives," said Liz Hernandez as she stood in front of the Ebola-themed house.

Talk about not breaking character, check out the treats kids walked away with, some chocolate and a fake CDC letter excusing kids from school. We wonder how many kids will show this at school on Monday.

Seems like Faulk's 15 minutes of Ebola-fame are coming to an end, so what's next for the guy who never made a fuss over Halloween?

"For Christmas there will not be an Ebola theme at Christmas at our house.It was Halloween and that's the only reason it was done," said Faulk.

With no new Ebola cases and the end of most quarantine periods approaching it looks like this is one nightmare we can finally put behind us.

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