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‘DaySCARE’: Skeleton Decoration Stolen From Preschool Replaced

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SACHSE—The bones are back in town! Well…sort of.

“I kind of thought, how dare you come on a preschool playground and take our skeleton!” Katie Finley with By the Barnyard Gate Private School said.

That’s right. It’s like taking candy, err, a skeleton from a baby. A few days ago, ‘Mister Rusty’ did a disappearing act.  It all happened at the By the Barnyard Gate private school in Sachse; someone stole the skeleton in the dead of night.

That left the little ones pretty, "Sad,” preschooler Rylan Carthon and Preslie Roberts said.

But on Friday, Halloween went off without a hitch.

“We got a replacement!” Finley exclaimed.  “Mister Rusty has been replaced.  We never got our old one back, which we’re sad about, but we did get a brand new one. So he’s up there with his wife and she’s happy now.”

But not so fast! The law is involved now.

“Some people may think it’s minor, but we take it very seriously,” Sgt. Jessy Frazier said.  “The kids there, it affected them, to realize that something of theirs was taken from them.”

The ‘boneheads’ who did this better watch out! There’s a ‘friendly ghost’ across the street.

“We just really appreciate the extra eye that’s being kept on the school, we know that the people across the street are keeping an extra eye,” Finley added.

“All the skeletons are going to scare all the people. Ha!” Preschooler Clayton Rodriguez said.

Doesn’t look like Mister Rusty’s replacement is going anywhere anytime soon. He’s all chained up. The folks who did this  could face anything from a fine to jail time.

No bones about it.

“Happy Halloween!” the preschoolers said.

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