Hacked for Max? Cleburne Officials Investigating System Hack Following Dog Shooting Incident

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CLEBURNE—If you thought the canine chronicle in Cleburne was over, think again.

Thursday, Cleburne city websites were back up, after they were hacked. Residents were unable to pay bills and report problems like potholes or water leaks when the website was down.

“Since October 17th, we’ve had five cyber attacks. The latest one was last night,” Mayor Scott Cain said.

The city says it might be related to the video showing a Cleburne cop shooting and killing a seven-month-old puppy named Maximus. Folks around the county have been reacting.  Since its release, there have been protests and even death threats against the cop.

“Within the last couple of weeks that we have been under attack, seems to indicate there’s some sort of correlation,” Cain added.

Amanda Henderson was Max’s owner.  She also has Cocoa, the other pup in the video who was standing next to Max.

“Our children are still hurt over it,” Henderson said.  “They still call the other dogs that we have Maximus, and they say, ‘Oh mommy, I miss Maximus.’”

But she’s not necessarily a fan of whoever is hacking the city’s computer system. “I know that there’s a lot of animal lovers out there and they really, really want to help and support us," she explained. "But, peaceful things are okay, hurtful things, I don’t think they’re going to help the case at all.”

“We take cyber terrorism seriously, and an attack on the city of Cleburne is considered an attack on our people,” Cain said.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Henderson added.

Federal officials have been called in to investigate.