Food Stamp Vote? Protesters Want Apology from Republican Candidate Ron Natinsky

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DALLAS -- Time now for the latest edition of foot in mouth. Today’s contestant: Ron Natinsky.

You probably know him as the Republican candidate running for Dallas County Judge. But, it appears Natinsky is getting more attention for a speech made last November, than his policies.

The speech was caught on tape and made at the Coppell Republican Club. It sounds as if he’s talking about minority voters in Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s district.

"We don't want to motivate her voters. We don't need another five to10,00 of her voters going to the polls. We want them to think, there's no reason, she doesn't have an opponent,  I don't need to go to the polls, spend my food stamp money at the grocery store, or whatever."

Natinsky was heard saying in front of the crowd. Well, it appears his words have come back to haunt him.

On Thursday, a group of protestors let their signs do most of the talking.  “Mr. Natkinsky’s comments have no place in our society; Dallas County deserves better,” Daniel Barrera with Texas Organizing Project said.

Natinsky’s camp fired back, sending a statement that reads in part, “For partisan Democrats to dig out this year old tape days before the election is a desperate attempt to head off defeat in Tuesday’s election.”

Adding, his speech referred to a legislative fight between Congressman Pete Sessions and Johnson, and their stance on food stamp spending.

So, now it’s up to you to decide. We’ll see if this episode of foot in mouth will affect Natinsky’s numbers at the polls.