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Off Target: Two Suspected Crooks Stopped in Two Separate Crimes

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DALLAS -- Groceries weren't the only thing bagged at a Dallas Aldi Tuesday night. Cops say a 71-year-old man took justice into his own hands after a would-be-robber snatched his wife’s gold necklace and shoved her to the ground.

“That’s scary because I live near-by, and we always come here,” said a witness who watched it all unfold but asked not to be identified.

“He was trying to get in his car and leave," she explained. "By that time, her husband shot the suspect from the back, and he got shot.”

The suspect, described only as a 36-year-old Latin man, died at the scene. Cops concluded the gunman, a concealed handgun owner, shot in self defense. The case is now headed to a Grand Jury.

While we’re on the subject of strangers standing up to crooks, get a load of this story. Surveillance video from a convenience store outside of Oklahoma City shows a man tackling a guy dressed in a hoodie.

A beer delivery man, delivered more than just booze -- he delivered a bruise to a wannabe thief.

"Lady came around into the cooler, said she was being robbed, asked if I could help,” Brock Nulph recalled.

“I'm like, jumped down here like this and I'm still like this, and I run to the cooler and I get the coolers guy. He comes out and tackles him, puts him down!” store clerk Kristi Shiemann explained.

Get this -- the suspect is just 14-years-old.  “I asked him why he wasn't in school. He said he got suspended and I just looked at him like you don't need to be doing this. You're throwing your life away,” Nulph said.

Well, the kid admitted he was in the wrong.

So, here’s to you beer delivery man, turned super-hero-cop, this one's for you.

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